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"She has a particularly kind and approachable nature with my patients and I know that I can rely upon her totally to deliver excellent customer service to the people who attend our Clinic..."
Richard Irving, MD FRCS, Consultant in Otology, Neurotology & Skull Base Surgery, The Birmingham Ear Clinic

"She has excellent attention to detail in report writing and can always be relied on to get things right first time..."
Dr R D Situnayake FRCP
Consultant Rheumatologist

"What a treat to receive your message with every bit of detail that we needed, in plenty of time ahead of the case and with comfort of knowing that you had actioned all other necessary points to bring everything together. It gives us real confidence that things are much more likely to run smoothly – good for us, good for the surgeon and no doubt good for the patient too. These days where everyone is so very busy, it's often all we can do to get accurate information, let alone anything comprehensive and timely. We deal with a broad cross section of businesses and healthcare professionals and pride ourselves on first rate communication; rarely do we see it reciprocated as you have done. Thank you so much for your help."
James Avison - Managing Director
Minim Healthcare Limited

How You Can Access Our Service

* Sound files for medical transcription sent digitally via E-mail is the most efficient and swiftest way for you to send us your work.

Dictation ServicesYou make your sound recording on your digital Dictaphone, upload it to your computer and E-mail it to us. We then download your recording, transcribe it and return the completed medical correspondence or medical reports to you for checking in a secure, password-protected format within the agreed time frame.

We are at present only able to accept soundfiles in a DSS and DS2 format and we prefer to use the Olympus digital dictation system.

You may wish to use a conventional audio cassette. We are able to accept work supplied on Philips mini cassettes.

You can send your tape for medical transcription to us by Royal Mail or courier. We will undertake the work, E-mail or post the completed work back to you via Royal Mail together with the erased tape. Work returned to you by E-mail will be sent in a secure, password-protected format.

Each private medical practice is unique and we can provide an efficient and confidential private medical secretarial service or medico-legal service tailored to your own requirements.

If you wish to make an enquiry or require further information about any of our services, please complete and submit the form below.

Enter 4759 in the code box in order to submit your enquiry. It will not be sent without this code.

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