Audio Typing

Audio Typing

If you’re looking for someone just for your medical audio typing, we can help. We’ve been providing medical transcription and audio-typing services to the medical profession for more than 40 years. We’ve transcribed for individual consultants, consultant groups and for private hospitals.

However, in 2023 we will be moving away from undertaking medical transcription work in-house (with the exception of medico-legal work) and will be working with a professional UK medical transcription company. Further details will be published on our website in due course.

For now, we can offer you medical transcription services including:

  • Typing of Clinic letters, operation notes and general medical correspondence
  • Typing of medico-legal reports and correspondence

Our service and quality

Our experienced and fully trained medical transcriptionists are experts in providing a reliable and accurate service, tailored to the needs of medical professionals.

We are all highly skilled with broad medical terminology and strong English grammar. Our typed work is accurate and always professionally presented.

We use digital dictation systems and have file conversion software which means that we can accept sound files sent to us in most formats

Security and confidentiality

We’ve undergone GDPR training, we follow strict confidentiality procedures, and have expertise in handling Special Category Data (click here to read our Data Privacy Notice). The Medical Secretariat is registered with the Information Commissioner’s office and each member of The Medical Secretariat also signs a strict confidentiality agreement when joining our team.

Need a medical transcriptionist urgently?

We can sometimes provide short-term help to consultants who already have their own in-house team. If your own medical secretary or PA is unexpectedly off sick, on holiday, or you have an urgent piece of work which you need to get done or you have an unexpectedly busy period, contact us. If we can, we’ll help you. Please get in touch to talk about what you need.

Flawless quality of her work

Sue worked for me in the capacity of self-employed medical secretary for more than 10 years. During that time, the near flawless quality of her work and the speed with which she was able to provide it impressed me greatly. Although at the time she did not have an extensive background in orthopaedic terminology, she… Read more “Flawless quality of her work”