Five things you should look for when choosing a medical secretary for your private practice

It’s been said (by me!) many times, but your medical secretary really can make or break your private practice. Next to you, she will be the most important person in your practice. Therefore, you can’t afford to make any mistakes when choosing your medical secretary. But what do you need to think about and what are the … Read more

There are never any queues online – why you should offer your patients online appointment scheduling

COVID has led to dramatic changes in the way healthcare is accessed and delivered. In order for your practice to succeed and thrive, you need to move with the changes and innovate! What are the advantages to your private practice of an online booking system? This gives people an easy way to book an appointment … Read more

Five reasons to embrace virtual consultations in your private practice – there are more, but here are a few to be going on with!

People are more than ever before “living their lives online”. They want goods and services to be delivered to them without having to leave the safety of their own homes, and this increasingly includes their healthcare. You need to recognise that and adapt to it, where you can. Adapting your service to offer ‘remote’ consultations … Read more

How to set up a medico-legal practice


If you think you might like to take on medico-legal work, you must first ask yourself three very important questions. Here’s a big hint. Unless you can answer “Yes” to all three questions, don’t do it! Do I have the time to do this? Can I afford it? Am I prepared to find myself in … Read more