Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus COVID-19

We provide a high quality professional medical secretarial and administrative service to consultants in private practice. We’re great on the phone, patients like and trust us, we’re organised and thorough, we can transcribe Clinic letters and medical reports in any speciality you throw at us, and we can use Healthcode. Most importantly, our systems are GDPR compliant and we have strong technical and organisational systems in place to protect the data of all of the consultants and hospitals with whom we work.

We do what we do very well, and you can read testimonials on our website from other doctors to prove this.

Some of our consultants can’t work in their private practices at the moment due to the additional demands being made on them by the NHS, and so we have some spare capacity to take on new work on a temporary basis. Could this help you?

Our team is working remotely from their own homes at the moment, but we can still do everything we would normally do, safely and securely. We’re set up to do this and are able to continue to provide our service to consultants and their patients – without disruption.

We have a wide range of skills and expertise that you can tap into, if you need to. You will be working really hard at the moment under very stressful conditions and you may not be able to access your usual private practice support team. Let us help you, even for a short time.

If you need some specific help or would like to talk to us about some work which you are struggling to get done at the moment, do call us. We are here and you can contact Sue Wilcox on 0121-242 329907954 433201 or E-mail at any time.

We’re completely committed to doing our very best for you, and I want you to be in no doubt that you can absolutely rely upon us all.