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How We Can Help You


All our doctors’ secretarial services are provided by our fully trained virtual medical secretaries, medical PAs and admin assistants. We are all experienced in dealing with all aspects of medical practice management, medical administration, and work of a highly confidential and personal nature.

We’re ‘virtual’ because we’ll be working from our offices, not yours, and we’ll be using our own desks, computers and printers.

Don’t worry! We’ve been doing this very successfully for many years. If you’re the right kind of consultant and you have the right kind of private practice, this will work brilliantly and it’s entirely equal to a face-to-face medical secretary, costs you less because you don’t need to rent or provide office space, and you don’t need to buy us a computer or employ us! It also means that you (and we) can tap into a huge pool of talent which isn’t restricted by geographical location.

We can provide you with all of the following virtual services effectively and securely:

But what exactly are virtual doctors’ secretarial services, and how can they support your private practice? Well, what do you need?

Here is just a sample of the services which we offer:-

  • Dealing with telephone, email or fax enquiries from patients, GPs, colleagues and the general public, acting as the initial focal point for your private practice – your virtual office
  • Helping you to be GDPR compliant in your private practice
  • Advising you on CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) documentation which you are now required to produce with regards to your patients’ appointments and treatment
  • Diary management including:-
    • Booking out-patient consulting room sessions and arranging private patient consultations
    • Arranging theatre slots
    • Organising admissions and assisting with pre-authorisation of procedures with PMIs
  • Typing clinic letters, operation notes, medico-legal reports and general medical correspondence
  • Obtaining results of investigations
  • Guidance with setting up new consultant private medical practices
  • Advice on your options for cloud-based GDPR compliant practice management software
  • Paperless systems
  • Assisting with marketing your private practice and raising your profile, including website content and design
  • Advice on setting up and running a remote consultation service or Virtual Clinic
  • Sometimes we can provide short-term help to consultants who already have their own in-house staff but need some temporary ‘virtual’ help or have an urgent piece of work or project which needs to be done. Using us to type a Clinic or medical report could make all the difference if your own staff are overloaded. Contact us to see if we can help.

What we don’t do these days is medical billing and credit control. Most medical secretaries aren’t trained in the huge number of (and changing) rules and regulations which the private medical insurers have for consultant fees and they often don’t like this part of their job. There’s always something else which needs to be done and invoicing and/or credit control can easily slip down the medical secretary’s to do list – which is a huge mistake. Getting the practice billing done properly, on time, and chasing up late payers, non-payers and insurance shortfalls is absolutely crucial to the consultant’s cashflow and the financial position of the practice – so we now work with a number of the professional medical billing companies, who do this work far better than we ever could.

With the agreement of our consultants, we handed over our invoicing to a medical billing company about 2 years ago and we have never regretted it. It gives us much more time to focus on the day-to-day running of our practices and on our consultants’ patients. Our consultants get paid quickly, we don’t have any account queries to deal with, everything is straightforward, and everyone is happy.

Contact us today to talk about how we can help your practice provide impeccable service to your patients.


You and your team are wonderful. You run a tight ship and hopefully, after all these years, we have come up to the high standards you deliver for us. Got to keep moving and let’s take things to the next level together. Donald Adam Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon Premier Veins Limited