Secretarial Back-up

Secretarial Back-up

Are You Looking For A Temporary Medical Secretary?

We’re not an employment or temporary staff agency, but we can sometimes help out at short notice, especially if any of our regular clients are on holiday.

We can offer short-term support and assistance to existing medical secretaries during unexpectedly busy periods, or in times of sickness or holiday. When your staff are overloaded, entrusting us to type a clinic or medical report could make all the difference!

It’s always worth an ask – do get in touch!

Need Something At Short Notice?

Again, our services can sometimes be provided at short notice to help with unplanned absences or to assist with increased workload and urgent tasks. If you need something done right away, please get in contact with us.

We can provide several temporary medical secretarial services, such as

  • Medical audio-typing
  • Medico-legal report typing
  • Medical PA service
  • Short-term projects for which you may require additional medical secretarial help

Service of the highest quality

Mrs Susan Wilcox was my medico-legal secretary for 8 years until my retirement. During this time she gave me a service of the highest quality, from the point of view that reports were of the highest quality, delivered in the time she promised, and Sue was always available for any questions or changes, which may… Read more “Service of the highest quality”

Flexible, Virtual Support

Our medical secretaries work from home, providing a virtual service to our clients. Even at a distance, our service is entirely equal to a face-to-face provider, saves additional costs and means that you don't need to have a fixed office.

We will liaise with you or your existing medical secretarial staff to understand how your practice works, thereby enabling us to seamlessly step into the role when required and take over the required duties efficiently and confidently.

Our temporary medical secretary service users know that their practices are in capable hands during what may be crisis time, and their medical secretaries are happy, too!

Our support is provided as required by you. This can be full business hours or as little as an hour a week. Please contact us to discuss the services that you need.