All our doctors’ secretarial services are provided by fully-trained Virtual Medical Secretaries, Receptionists and Assistants. They are experienced in dealing with administration and calls of a highly confidential and personal nature.

We can provide all of the following virtual services:

But what are virtual doctors secretarial services, and how can they support your practice? We’ve answered some of your questions here:

Why should I outsource a doctor’s secretarial service, or hire a virtual assistant?

Our team can provide the majority of services that in-house secretarial staff would, but at a fraction of the cost. We offer a service that gives the benefits of extra staff without the cost of hiring, training and management. Our service is flexible and will contribute to the smooth running of the practice by removing the stress of day to day admin or management tasks. We, therefore, give you more time to spend with your patients.

What if my patients feel uneasy speaking to an outsourced service?

The high-quality service that our team provides means that your patients and other callers will not know the difference! It is our goal to become as much a part of your team as possible, and our team members will always work within your guidelines and practices to provide a consistently high service on your behalf.

Are you able to work with my existing in-house team and practice management system?

Absolutely! Our virtual medical secretaries are all highly experienced at working with several web-based systems including Microsoft Office 365, MidexPro, DGLPractice Manager, Helix Health, Private Practice Manager and many more.

We’re also experienced in working in conjunction with existing in-house teams; it is our goal to fit in seamlessly with your team and be considered an extension of it.

How do I know I can trust the virtual secretaries taking my calls and talking to my clients?

We stand by the quality of our staff and will assign you the medical secretaries that suit your practice. We are entirely transparent and invite you to (virtually) meet our team before they begin working with you. Once assigned, our medical secretaries will work within your own guidelines and practice information to provide the best service to your existing and prospective clients.

How do you handle confidential information?

All of our doctors’ secretarial services team are highly trained and experienced in dealing with confidential and personal matters. We handle medical calls and enquiries every day and take responsibility for processing this information very seriously. We’re all GDPR trained, will follow your own confidentiality procedures and have expertise in handling Special Category Data.

What services do you provide?

We can provide a variety of services including professional telephone answering service, administration, invoicing, debt chasing, audio typing, dictation, letter writing services, medico-legal services, communications with patients and their insurers.

We tailor our services to your practice and the support that you require.

Contact us today to talk about how we can help your practice provide impeccable service and save money.