What LinkedIn couldn’t tell you about The Medical Secretariat Limited – as they ran out of words!

Are you a consultant in private practice and need some help with running your service efficiently and effectively with lots of happy patients? Would you like to be absolutely certain that your patients’ needs are being met and that your practice is being represented in the way you would wish? If this is you, then I can help!

I’m Sue Wilcox and I’m an AMSPAR qualified medical secretary and practice manager, trusted by consultants for more than 40 years. I’ve worked in the NHS and private sectors and have helped many surgeons and physicians to manage, develop and grow their private practices. I’m also a very experienced medico-legal secretary.

My knowledge and expertise makes me stand out from the crowd and would be difficult to find anywhere else these days. It means that I can give you expert assistance in your private practice and can help you to realise your vision of the kind of practice you’d like to have.

I’ve had my own business (The Medical Secretariat Limited) for more than 30 years and have worked with surgeons, physicians, single-handed practitioners and larger practices made up of a number of consultants – all very different from one another!

I work with established and respected consultants who are at the top of their game, and with consultants who are new to private practice and need considerable guidance.

I also work with consultants who do medico-legal work, where my role is to type the consultant’s medical report and/or manage and grow the medico-legal practice.

I’m based in Birmingham, but the wonders of modern technology mean that I can work with consultants based anywhere in the UK – and I do!

I now have a hand-picked team whom I have trained and who work alongside me. My team comes from diverse backgrounds and each one of them has skills, qualities, qualifications and experience which complement my own, and which means that I can enhance the service which I can offer you.

Here’s just a sample of the services we can provide to support you. Further details may be found on my website https://med-sec.com/

🔹 Dealing with telephone or email enquiries from patients, GPs, colleagues and the general public, acting as the initial focal point for your private practice – your virtual office

🔹 Helping you to be GDPR compliant in your private practice

🔹 Advising you on CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) documentation which you are now required to produce with regards to your patients’ appointments and treatment

🔹 Diary management including:-

🔹 Booking out-patient consulting room sessions and arranging private patient consultations

🔹 Arranging theatre slots

🔹 Organising admissions and assisting with pre-authorisation of procedures with PMIs

🔹 Typing clinic letters, operation notes, medico-legal reports and general medical correspondence

🔹 Obtaining results of investigations

🔹 Guidance with setting up new consultant private medical practices

🔹 Advice on your options for cloud-based GDPR compliant practice management software

🔹 Paperless systems

🔹 Assisting with marketing your private practice and raising your profile, including website content and design

🔹 Advice on setting up and running a remote consultation service or Virtual Clinic

🔹 Sometimes we can provide short-term help to consultants who already have their own in-house staff but need some temporary ‘virtual’ help or have an urgent piece of work or project which needs to be done. Using us to type a Clinic or medical report could make all the difference if your own staff are overloaded.

We can manage all aspects of your private practice and can help you to provide a wonderful service to your patients.

Our experience means that we know how to deal with people and we know how to solve problems. Patients (and consultants!) know, like and trust us. We’re very efficient and extremely organised. We understand the importance of our role within a consultant’s private practice and we know that we’re the first point of contact and will set the tone of the patient’s experience with the clinician.

If you decide to work with us in your private practice, you will be able to access individuals who have the desire to be the best at what we do, who you can be proud of and rely on in your private practice. We will be completely committed to doing our very best for you and for your patients … and I want you to be in no doubt that you can rely upon us all.

If you’d like to find out more about the services which we offer, please head over to my website https://med-sec.com/ or drop me an E-mail to info@med-sec.net  and I can set up a telephone or video call and we can have a chat.

Sue Wilcox is an AMSPAR qualified medical secretary. She has worked as a medical secretary in the NHS and private sectors for more than 40 years. She is the Director of The Medical Secretariat Limited which provides medical secretarial and administrative services to consultants in private practice. You can contact Sue by phone on 0121-242 3299 or 07954 433201 or via E-mail at info@med-sec.net.

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