About Us


Who We Are … And Why You Should Choose Us?

The Medical Secretariat Limited provides an exceptional quality reliable and professional virtual medical secretarial and administrative service to consultants in private clinical practice throughout the UK. We also provide medical secretarial and administrative support to consultants who do medico-legal work.

The business was set up by Sue Wilcox who, before this, had a successful career as a medical secretary to surgeons and physicians in NHS and private hospitals in and around Birmingham. During this time, Sue established her reputation as a hard-working, high-quality medical secretary who provides an impeccable service – and she still is.

Demand from local consultants, asking for Sue’s help with setting up or running their private practices, inspired Sue to leave her post as a hospital-based medical secretary at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and to set up her own business, which is how The Medical Secretariat came about.

Flawless quality of her work

Sue worked for me in the capacity of self-employed medical secretary for more than 10 years. During that time, the near flawless quality of her work and the speed with which she was able to provide it impressed me greatly. Although at the time she did not have an extensive background in orthopaedic terminology, she… Read more “Flawless quality of her work”

This was more than 30 years ago and, since then, Sue has worked with many consultants, assisting them with the development and day-to-day organisation of their private practices and making a positive contribution to growth and profitability of the practices she has served (see Meet our Team).

We’ve been providing medical secretarial and admin services since 1991 – so we have a huge amount of experience and expertise at a level which we believe makes us stand out from the crowd and would be difficult to find anywhere else these days.

We’ve worked with surgeons, physicians, single-handed practitioners and larger practices made up of a number of consultants, so we’re used to working with practices big and small which are all very different from one another. We work with consultants who are new to private practice as well as established and respected consultants who are at the top of their game.

We also work with consultants who undertake medico-legal work where our role here is to type the consultant’s medical report and/or manage and grow his or her medlegal practice.

Sue now has a handpicked team whom she has trained and who work alongside her at The Medical Secretariat. The team comes from diverse backgrounds and each one has skills, qualities, qualifications and experience which strengthen the service which we can offer you. What the team has in common is a desire to be the best at what we do and to show you that we are top quality medical secretaries, medical PAs and administrators whom you can be proud of and rely on in your private practice.

We are all GDPR trained and the business is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. We have updated our in-house policies and procedures in line with GDPR legislation and carry out regular risk assessments and initiate upgrades and refinements to our systems to ensure that we have a very high level of demonstrable compliance with the new legislation. We have taken advice from the ICO and have invested heavily in our own IT systems to enable us to provide a high level of security to protect our consultants’ data. You can find out more about our own GDPR compliance in our Data Privacy Notice.

The Medical Secretariat Limited also has up-to-date employers’ liability insurance, public liability insurance and professional indemnity cover. Our company is also a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

Our experience means that we know how to deal with people and we know how to solve problems. We’re also very efficient and enormously organised. We also understand the importance of our own role within our consultants’ private practices. We’re the shop window, the first point of contact, and we set the tone of the patient’s ‘experience’ with the clinician. It’s so important … and we do it really well!

We’ve included a sample of what we can do for you on our How We can Help You page but our services are bespoke and we can devise something which fits in well with your own private practice and the way you work.

We know how lucky we are to be able to do such interesting, challenging and satisfying work and to be involved with some fantastic consultants and their patients. If you choose us to work with you in your private practice, we will be completely committed to doing our very best for you … and I want you to be in no doubt that you can absolutely rely upon us all.

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